Fovea Hex – The Salt Garden part 1 (CD EP + bonus SW remix CD)

Absolutely last copies of this sublime EP, just voted the best single / EP release of the year by the readers of prestigious music website Brainwashed. We have a few last copies of the CD itself and the bonus CD with the 20 minute plus SW remix, which we are selling together.


The new EP from Fovea Hex THE SALT GARDEN is the first ever non-SW release on the Headphone Dust label, a testament to the unprecedented quality of the work. Steven has long been a fan of Fovea Hex, and in 2008 he invited singer / songwriter Clodagh Simonds to guest on his first solo record Insurgentes.  Fovea Hex also counts the likes of David Lynch, Brian Eno and Underworld amongst its fans.

You may also recognise Clodagh’s name from her vocals on early Mike Oldfield albums Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn, and from her early 70’s folk rock group Mellow Candle, which she formed in Ireland while still a teenager. She then dropped off the musical radar for decades, before returning in 2005 with the remarkable Fovea Hex project. The songs are dominated by a voice that’s too steely to be deigned ethereal, but remains too otherworldly to file alongside more conventional female singer-songwriters. The pace is languid, the arrangements intricate and fragile. Fovea Hex’s closest cousins would perhaps be 4AD artists such as Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, and This Mortal Coil, but really this music is completely unique and exceptional, a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds from instruments ranging from state-of-art to ancient and arcane.

The Salt Garden 1 is the first in a series of 3 EPs released in conjunction with German label Die Stadt, and contains 4 brand new tracks.

You can listen to a sampler of music from the new EP here:

“Some of the most extraordinary songs I have heard in years” Brian Eno

“If Emily Dickinson had ever been allowed to make a record, this is probably what it would have sounded like” The Wire

“One of the most hauntingly lovely discoveries of this or any other century” The List